Instructions for using Express Shipping Service

Instructions for using Express Shipping Service

1./ Click the “Sign In” to log in to your account

2./ Click the “Express Management” from the top menu as the shown picture

3./ Click the “Create New Order” to start a new shipping order

“Sender/ Receiver”

  • New receiver: click the “Select address” to fill in information for the new Receiver

  • Or choose one Receiver from the combo list.

“Description of goods”

  • Length, Wide, Height values will be measured in inch unit. The volume weight then will be calculated by the system.

  • “Select the type of goods”: most popular categories are clothes, dried & processed foods; vitamins, supplements, lotion, cosmetics.

  • “Quantity”: numbers of that type of goods.

  • “Weight”: the weight of the package using shipping scale (pound unit)

  • “Discount”: by iGreenLink’s promotion programs, a VIP member is eligible for having a percentage number (ie: 5%, 15% up to max 25%.)

  • “Declared value”: the value of the goods purchased or a Sales Retail Price in the market.

  • “Insurance”: optional service if you send high-value goods.

  • “Details”: you can list out all items with quantity and specific name of the goods.


  • Choose one warehouse address which is nearer to your place.

  • Toronto warehouse: receiving shipments from Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick. 

  • Vancouver warehouse: receiving shipments from British Colombia, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan.

 “Couriers for local transportation” and “Consent to the shipping terms & conditions “

  • Click “Select couriers ” and then click to the courier name that you want. 

  • You can choose the last choice “No, thank you. I can drop off at iGreenLink's warehouse by myself”.

  • “Would you like schedule a pick up”?

  • “Yes”:  you can set a date, pickup time that is convenience. 

  • “No”: you can drop off at the nearest store of the courier after having a waybill label.

  • REVIEW AND CONSENT TO THE TERMS & CONDITIONS OF SHIPPING: click “I have read and agree” if you accept

  • Click the “Send order” to complete your order.

4./ iGreenLink will confirm your order if all information met with the requirement. 

5./ You will receive an approved email and then can print the waybill label as well shipping label .

6./ The courier will pick up your package as per scheduled.

7./ iGreenLink will reweight, recheck and repack (if any), and inform shippers if is there any discrepancy.

8./ Please inform us right after your payment is set by email or phone.

9./ You can directly track packages in your account