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This estimated local shipping cost is free if your package weight is higher than 10 Lb. In case of using faster express service, you will probably pay the partial cost

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Senders are responsible for the packaging, to use proper shipping materials to protect goods from damages such as leakage, deformed, or broken./  Our Agents are responsible for checking all declared items before acceptance to ensure that they are not in the restricted or prohibited items but legal items./ If Senders request for a pickup to deliver to iGreenLink’s warehouses, Senders will accept weighing and measurement values by iGreenLink are the official data for the order./  Senders will accept to make payments before your shipment to be sent. In case of disagreement, senders will be obliged to pay for local transportation fees./ The shipment(s) will be stored in our warehouses not more than 30 days if no payments have been made and will be abandoned after this time./ Service failures, missing or lost package(s) happened during local transport from the Sender’s location to iGreenlink’s warehouses will be held & resolved by the couriers (Fedex, UPS, DHL,..)/  We won’t accept any non-conformed packages and will charge $20 to $100 (labor, materials) for repackaging service./  Do not load more than 50 Lb per package, and always use the volume weight (V.W) formula: V.W = [L x W x H] / 139 (inch)

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